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Sector Z Information

Sector Z is a secret governmental organization that is investigating the appearances of strange powers in seemingly normal people. At the present time, the organization is mainly made up of scientists who are studying the DNA of mutants and attempting to discover the x-factor of this... disease...

The organization also has a strong interest in finding people with powers, and lately there has been talk of a 'registration' of mutants. In an era of crime, missing people and brutal violence is nothing new. Why would anyone suspect the government of partaking?... or at least, who would have the proof?

Agents are the henchmen of Sector Z. They are set out to find mutants and bring them back to Sector Z for 'questioning'. For obvious reasons, agents do not generally have powers. However, there are special cases of mutant agents, whether by choice or force. An example would be Lee Hyori: a mutant born within the organization and trained against her own kind.

Scientists are the minds behind monitoring the mutants, creating new weapons for the agents, and in special cases, discovering what causes the mutant gene to appear.

Training Agents are those who are either too young or just joined the Sector, having to complete up to a certain level or age before becoming a Rookie Agent.

If you choose to put your muse into the Sector, they can be any of these positions. Or maybe you can even present to us a new one.

When I post the weekly update, I will include any update with what Sector Z is having the agents do. Before the only thing they are doing is keeping an eye out for big incidents involving people with powers, meaning, if someone blows up a building or something, they would go there and try to clean up the mess, and apprehend the mutant... Yet now as more mutants are using their powers, more specific missions are being given to the agents.

However, here is a warning to the agents. If any of them choose to double-cross the Sector or even fail to accomplish a mission, there will be punishment. It will either be brutal brainwashing or just plain torture.

Sector Z Ranking System

Within Sector Z, ambition is a key factor for being an agent. To motivate ambition, there are different ranks a field agent can obtain. With each rank, comes different privileges and bonuses. Below are the five different listed ranks with information on how an agent reaches the next rank and what perks come with it.

Rank 1: The Rookie Agent

The starting rank within the agency after one goes through training; at the rookie level agents are usually given easy assignments that aren't high at risk. If they continually perform these small missions well, then promotion to the Novice level is not too far off. There are not many privileges given to these agents though, the level of freedom very minimum.

Rank 2: Junior Agent

The second ranking that is still a beginner level; as a Junior Agent, more field work missions are given. The main difference between this ranking and a Rookie Agent is that Junior Agents are given Capture Missions - usually one though to see if they succeed. If the agent does not succeed then they must enter more training before they are given another Capture Mission.

Rank 3: Commanding Agent

Easy to reach but hard to surpass; this rank has the most agents since it is not hard to obtain this position. However, to reach the next level is a hard task which is why most agents remain at this rank for years. A Commanding Agent must complete many successful missions ranging from Capture Missions to Undercover Missions to Investigative. They do have some freedom into choosing their own missions. Many agents have never even reached the next level before leaving or retiring from the agency.

Rank 4: Top Agent

The second to highest ranking level; Top Agents are well respected for the hard work and achievements they did to get to this level. With lots of freedom to choose their own missions, these agents nearly succeed 100% of the time because they are that good. Many of the agents that reach this level have been in the agency for years and years, some having grown up within the building's very walls. These agents are assigned only the harder missions, unless they choose to take up easier missions on the side.

Rank 5: The Legendary Agent

Only a select hand of agents have ever reached this status; currently only two agents are Legendary. This name is given to them for if you reach this level, your name will undoubtedly be remembered forever within the agency. Also, every Sector Z employee should have at least heard of these agents; only lucky (or unlucky) agents actually get to meet them. These agents are considered so advanced in skill that they are the only rank where no partners are assigned. Missions are given every so often, most the time they are given absolute freedom as to what they do and how they do it. However, room for failure is not accepted.

As of now, if you choose to make your muse an agent, after looking at your muse's agent history, which rank they are in will be decided. Or if your muse becomes an agent during the game, then they automatically are a rookie.

Also, there may be rewards/banners/something given to agents who are promoted.

Feel free to reply here with questions/comments/concerns about Sector Z.

Sector Z
Updated as of January 03

Lee Minwoo - Head of Sector Z
Mutant Partner Non-Mutant Partner Mission Status
Rain ζ No Partner Freedom
Lee Hyori ζ No Partner Freedom
Jolin Tsai φ No Partner Freedom
Kim Hyunjoong ϖ Park Jungmin ϖ Freedom
Choi Siwon ϖ No Partner Freedom
Lee Jungshin δ Kang Minhyuk δ Freedom
Saigo ϖ Kim Hyungjoon δ Freedom
Lee Jungshin δ Kang Minhyuk δ Freedom
Hizumi δ No Partner Freedom
Hwang Chansung λ Kim Yoobin δ Freedom
G-Dragon λ T.O.P. λ Freedom
No Partner Kim Kibum λ Freedom
Other Sector Z Employees
Name Power Branch
Kim Jung-Sik none Scientist
Daniel Armand Lee none Scientist

λ Rank 1: Rookie Agent
δ Rank 2: Junior Agent
ϖ Rank 3: Commanding Agent
φ Rank 4: Top Agent
ζ Rank 5: Legendary Agent

Failed evaluation. Need new training.

Depending on rank, agents are paired as one mutant and one non-mutant. There are a few agents though who are partnerless and currently suitable agents for them are being sought.
Only a Rank 5 Agent is allowed to remain solo.

Field work agents are given different type of missions depending on ranking level and Alert Status. Sometimes there will be a General Open Mission where any mutant at large can be hunted down by any agent, any rank. The most common mission is a Capture Mission where designated agent(s) will be ordered to find and cease a discovered mutant (or even a double-crossing agent). Undercover Missions are self-explanatory and can be given to agents of all ranks since they vary in danger level. A harder mission is an Investigative Mission, which requires interrogating captured mutants and obtaining information from them by various means. And the most dangerous and rarest mission is a Kill Mission, only given to mutants who are dangerous and out of control and cannot be subdued no matter what.


Ying - Kyuhyun's light half
Yang - Kyuhyun's dark half
Lee Jonghyun
Kim Kyujong
Gong Minji.

Jung Yunho
Park Yoochun
Lee Donghae

Unknown for the moment.


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