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For those who would like to advertise the community at anytime, here is a template provided for you to use.

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It is rumoured but not widely accepted that for approximately the past ten years, humans have been cropping up all over the planet with unexplainable powers, varying from telekenisis to time travel to control over elements. This fact has been suppressed by various governments, wanting to keep the information to themselves. Come and join the struggle either on the side of humans, mutants, or the government and let your muse's life unfold the thrill of adventure.

Seiyo is an AU Asian Entertainment RPG inspired by television show Heroes! The setting is modern day Seoul, South Korea.

Check the Claims list. Fill out a simple Application at the OOC comm. And Join the fun.

You can PM the moderator at seiyo_mod .

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There are a few more I could try as well.

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